Every one of our Goodyear Firsts was a product of hard work and commitment. Commitment to the spirit of flight. Here are just a few other notable achievements in the past 100 years.

1898 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company founded
1909 Goodyear builds the first aircraft tire, replacing skids and bicycle tires
1910 Goodyear builds the first aircraft tire testing machine
1917-1918 Goodyear aeronautical sales exceed $4.8 million with 11,000 aircraft produced during WWI
1927 Goodyear produces the first airwheel low pressure tire design
1927 Goodyear introduces the first retreadable aircraft tire in Akron, Ohio
1929 Goodyear is the first company to purchase an aircraft for tire testing, a Fokker Super Universal Main
1936 Goodyear developes world's first rayon cord tire
1943 First Goodyear nylon cord tires produced in Brazil
1943-1944 Goodyear produces over 4,000 Corsair Navy fighters for WWII.
1943-1944 Goodyear designs a post WWII amphibious aircraft called the Drake.
1950 An experimental aircraft known as the Gyro was invented.
1954 Goodyear introduces the first tubeless aircraft tire
1958 Goodyear begins retreading high-performance jet aircraft tires in Los Angeles and Akron
1960 Goodyear produces the Inflatoplane, an experimental rescue craft for the US Military.
1967 First LCC USAF Index produced
1968 First Goodyear aircraft tire produced in the new Danville, VA manufacturing plant
1971 A Goodyear tire was the first to land on the moon
1971 First Goodyear tires in Thailand
1971 First tire retreads in Thailand
1972 Goodyear begins retreads in Colombia
1972 Goodyear retreads begin in Brazil and the Netherlands
1980 First bias ply aircraft tires with Aramid fabric is produced - the Flight Custom II
1981 Goodyear introduces the Flight Eagle for business jet manufacturers
1983 First radial tire approved by the FAA
1984 Goodyear purchases Air Treads and acquires six plants across North America
1984 First Goodyear commercial radial approved
1985 First Goodyear radial built in Luxembourg
1987 Radial production starts in Danville, VA
1992 The Kingman, Arizona tire plant opens for production
1992 Goodyear's 8 retread facilities now cover 5 continents
1996 Goodyear becomes the approved supplier to Tupolev, Illyushin
1999 Tire production in Thailand expands
2001 Radial Aircraft tire building system installed in Danville, Virginia