Aero Classic Aircraft Tires

Besides a large selection of aircraft tires by Goodyear, Michelin,
Condor and McCreary; Desser Tire & Rubber Co. also carries the
Aero Classic line of tires.

Aero Classic Rib

Aero Classic Diamond

Aero Classic "Retro"

Aero Classic Channel Tread

Aero Trainer

Retreaded Aircraft Tires

We provide premium retreads produced by our affiliate: Aero Wheel & Brake Service Corp. Aero WBS holds FAA certification to retread high speed aircraft tires up to 225 MPH. Our sizes range from small piston engine aircraft through Regional Jet aircraft. 95% of the worlds airlines depend on retreads not only for cost control, but for the extended life over most new tires they provide.

Dunlop Aircraft Tires

From General Aviation to 737NG, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is a global supplier of new and retreaded tyres for the aerospace market.

Goodyear Aircraft Tires

Goodyear is the world's largest supplier of aircraft tires and Desser Tire & Rubber has one of the largest and most diverse stock of Goodyear tires, including:

Flight Custom III

Flight Custom II

Flight Special II

Flight Leader

Flight Eagle

Michelin Aircraft Tires

The Michelin name has been synonymous for producing a tire that delivers maximum performance, reliability and durability. Desser Tire & Rubber is proud carry the entire aircraft tire line, including:


AIR X Radial



Specialty Tires of America (formally McCreary) Aircraft Tires

The value leader in aircraft tires. The combination of consistent performance, superior quality and excellent pricing makes Specialty Tires of America tires the perfect choice. Available in the following choices:





Condor Aircraft Tires

Condor offers outstanding durability at a very competitive price. Designed to accommodate the high-volume needs of flight schools and fleet operators, where consistent performance are paramount.

Smooth Tread

PIPER CUB OWNERS... WE HEAR YOU... Desser Tire & Rubber Co. is pleased to announce the availability of a SMOOTH TREAD, 800 x 4 Tire.