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Dunlop Aircraft Tires Dunlop Aircraft Tires

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres operates globally in the aircraft tyre market.

Regional Jet & Turboprop

Regional jet and turboprop aircraft allow airlines the opportunity to efficiently connect the spokes with the hub to provide frequent services and facilitate excellent market coverage. The regional jet and turboprop aircraft provide an essential supporting role to international air travel markets.

Regional Jet & Turboprop aircraft typically have less than 100 seats and operate on short haul flights. Demand for regional jet aircraft is steadily shifting towards ever larger aircraft. The era of the 75 seat regional jet's dominance is drawing to a close as economic pressures favour the 90 seat derivatives.

The turboprop market has been resurgent in recent years due to the attractive economics of operating smaller more fuel efficient aircraft on short cycle time routes.

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is well positioned to lead the market in the Regional Jet and Turboprop segment. It has certification in place or certification pending on the most popular aircraft within the segment including the Sukhoi Superjet and Antonov 148.

Narrow Bodied & Wide Bodied Jets

Narrow and Widebody jets form the bedrock of the world aircraft fleet. Narrow body jets are amongst the most flexible of aircraft and are favoured by the low cost carriers for their economy, ease of maintenance, short turnaround time and attractive economics for high frequency and high demand routes.

As the size of the dominant Regional Jet grows towards and even beyond 100 seats per aircraft; the narrow body segment of the market is likely experience growth and assume operation on some routes previously the domain of the Regional Jet.

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is certified on the most popular narrow body aircraft such as the Boeing 737, (Classic and Next Generation) and certain versions of the Airbus A320. The class, dominated by the A320 and the 737, is the worlds' most popular class of airplane. Over 6,500 are in active service and many of these could be fitted with Dunlop bias or Dunlop radial tyres.

Wide body Aircraft are deployed on the longest and often most profitable routes. The market is smaller in numbers and cycles than the narrow body market is an important airliner market for Dunlop. Dunlop Aircraft Tyres have tyres certified for the 767, 757 and 747 and is developing tyres for other wide body aircraft.

Military Aircraft

The military operations place great demands on aircraft tyres. Loads can be substantial and speeds might be upwards of 225Mph.

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres have been used in an impressive range of military airplanes from the legendary Spitfire and Vulcan to the most modern F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Tornado and the Hawk. Heavy military aircraft such as C-130 are often fitted with Dunlop Tyres for their excellent service record and retreadability; a factor that no doubt helped Dunlop Aircraft Tyres to win approval and selection for the A400M.

Today, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres serve Air Forces, Naval Forces and Marine Corps around the world with tyres designed to offer optimal operation characteristics in the harshest environments.

Other Markets

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is certified on many Business Jets, General Aviation Aircraft and civil and military Rotorcraft.

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