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7000 Series LT Sealed Battery

7000 Series LT Sealed Battery
  • SKU: 7639-27
  • Brand: GILL


* The 7639-27 is a Sealed Lead Acid Aircraft Battery
* Maintenance Free-Shipped Fully Charged and No Electrolyte or Water Required
* Non-Spillable and Proven for Aerobatic Maneuvering
* 2 Year Factory Warranty After Installation
* Robust Starts, Higher Residual Power & Faster Re-Charge Times
* First Capacity Check Not Required Until 18 Months/1800 Hours
* Cost Competitive and Best Shelf Life in Lead Acid Chemistry
* Advanced Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Design
* FAA/PMA Approved, TSO Authorized and Tested to DO-160E
* LT® Series Batteries Are Fully Recyclable
* LT® Series Batteries Ship Hazmat Exempt
Start strong with the Gill® 7639-27 for your Beechcraft DH, BH, HS and BOE 125 Series. Also PMA approved for Dassault Falcon 10, Eurocopter MBB-BK117 A-1 through A-4 and MBB- BK117 B-1 through C-1, and Mitsubishi YS-11A-200 and YA-11A-500-600.

See Application Chart to locate your aircraft and review your battery options.
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