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Why do our retreads last so long? Our special rubber compound provides exceptional wear and resistance to flat spotting. Your cost per landing can be cut by 70%. But don’t take our word for it...


The Truth About RETREADS .....
When used in accordance with the Tire and Rim Association's recommendations and all other applicable standards, tubeless tires may be operated with tubes approved for the appropriate tire sizes and applications on tube-type wheels.


Urban Legend: When I drive on the highway, I see pieces of retreads that failed. Are retreads dangerous?

Truth: Trucks run dual tires in the rear. If the tire runs over an obstacle and goes flat, the driver may keep driving for hundreds of miles and the heat generated from running flat for so long finally causes the tire to separate. It would be very rare for the tread to just detach from the carcass. Sometimes these treads are from new tires too!


Question: Why should I use a retreaded aircraft tire when I can buy new for close to the same price?

Truth: If initial price meant everything, we would be driving Yugo’s. Cost per landing is the key to comparing New versus Retreads.

Retreads are actually the most underrated and best value in aviation today. When retreading, we put harder rubber compound compared to most new tires.


Question: What is the process to ensure a good tire?

Truth: Our retread process puts the tire through 10+ separate checks which it must pass or fail. Every tire must withstand the curing process which subjects the tire to 300 degree temperature for 40-90 minutes (depending on size) at 185 PSI. The last check is for perfect balance. It must balance to the same spec as a brand new tire or it does not leave the facility.


Comment: Have you flown on a commercial airline? If so, then chances are you have already flown on retreads. Over 90% of the worlds commercial airlines use retreads. American, Continental, Delta, Southwest, United ... all on retreads.

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