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Q. Should I reuse my old inner tube? It still holds air.

A. NO. A new tube should be used when installing a new tire. Tubes grow in service, taking a permanent set of about 25% larger than original size. This makes a used tube too large to use in a new tire, which could cause a wrinkle and lead to tube failure.


Q. Can a tube be used with a tubeless tire ?

A. When used in accordance with the Tire and Rim Association's recommendations and all other applicable standards, tubeless tires may be operated with tubes approved for the appropriate tire sizes and applications on tube-type wheels.


Q. What does the red mark in the bead area of the tire mean ?

A. The red dot or triangle indicates the circumferential location of the light spot on the tire. This mark should be aligned with the valve stem or the tube balance mark when mounting the tire.


Q. What is the purpose of the concentric markings on the lower sidewall of the tire ?

A. These are the tire vent markings which allow for normal diffusion of air or nitrogen through the tire's sidewall. Green dots indicate tubeless tires, while white dots indicate tube-type tires. This venting prevents pressure build-up in the cord body. Permissible pressure drop due to diffusion is 5% in any 24 hour period. The amount of diffusion through the vent holes will vary.


Q. What is meant by tire growth ?

A. All aircraft tires of nylon construction undergo a certain amount of stretch after the tire has first been inflated to operating pressure. A 10% pressure loss after initial inflation is normal, however, once this has occurred, inflation should be adjusted to the correct pressure.


Q. Is there a standard age limit or "shelf life" for aircraft tires?

A. NO. The shelf life of a tire is entirely dependent on the storage conditions. Proper storage of tires includes keeping them away from fluorescent lighting or other bright light, electrical motors, oil or chemicals, and sharp objects. Even with optimal storage conditions, a thorough tire inspection prior to installation is recommended.

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