Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

Desser Aerospace’s PMA companies – Cee Bailey’s, Seginus Aerospace and DAC-EP – specialize in FAA-approved, high-quality OEM replacement parts for use in the maintenance of aircraft engines and accessories. The company’s FAA-PMA approvals cover the entire process, from conceptual engineering and design to final production of parts for installation.

Our Expertise. Desser Aerospace has experience producing PMA products for over 50 years. The company’s products serve commercial, regional and business aircrafts, helicopters and general aviation fleets worldwide.

Our Value Proposition. Desser’s PMA components ensure quality and reliability at an economical price for airline operators, FAA repair stations, and the company’s growing global distributor network. Desser’s focus is to continually offer:

  • Excellent design and engineering of products which address the shortcomings and limitations of many OEM products
  • Quick, decisive product introductions, which avoid OEM backlogs on time critical parts
  • AS9100D certification as well as FAA/PMA approval through 21.303
  • Competitive pricing relative to OEM alternative
  • Innovative solutions and refined processes, maintaining high standards for quality, cost and delivery

ATA Chapters supported

ATA 24
Electric Power
ATA 25
Equipment/ Furnishings
ATA 29
Hydraulic Power
ATA 32
Landing Gear
ATA 33
ATA 36
ATA 38
Water /Waste
ATA 39
ATA 50
Cargo and Accessory components
ATA 56
ATA 80
Engine Starting

PMA Companies