Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Desser Aerospace’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) companies – Aero Wheel & Brake and Rotable Repairs – are global providers of high-quality aircraft component repairs. Each location is an FAA/EASA certified repair station and offers complete and comprehensive repair support covering 13 ATA chapters.

Our Approach. Desser has an internal network of engineers to provide Designated Engineering Representative (DER) and Repair Specification (RS) offerings. A DER repair is a repair process and configuration that has met all the specifications for development, performance, reliability, and safety, and has been validated and certified by an FAA-authorized DER.

Desser’s approach to DER repaired components emphasizes the value that the company provides to its customers. Desser’s philosophy of engineering a repair as a substitute for replacement contributes to lower cost of ownership while providing the highest quality solutions.

Our Solutions. Desser Aerospace provides custom repairs designed with superior built-in quality and enhanced reliability compared with the original OEM component, coupled with bottom-line savings for a true lower cost of ownership. The company’s MRO and DER services include:

  • Overhaul of all commercial, regional, business and turboprop wheels and brakes
  • Repairs for electro/mechanical parts
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic component repairs
  • Coatings and cold nano fusion welds
  • Machining to bring parts from Beyond Economical Repair (BER) to serviceable condition (SV)
  • Complete re-design, casting, and manufacture of vacuum generators for commercial aircraft
  • 3-D Printing of composite parts
  • Repairs of other ancillary equipment such as inverters, galley equipment, PDUs, lights and ballasts, transducers, controllers, valves, motors, power supplies, starter generators and converters

Additionally, Desser’s Parker/Stratoflex TSO hose production facility has the capability to produce a wide variety of Teflon and rubber hose assemblies and offers all Parker couplings and Dynatube products.

ATA chapters supported

ATA 24
ATA 25
ATA 26
Fire protection
ATA 28
ATA 29
Hydraulic Power
ATA 32
Landing Gear
ATA 33
ATA 36
ATA 37
ATA 38
Water waste
ATA 44
Cabin Systems
ATA 49
Airborne Auxiliary power
ATA 73
Engine Fuel and Control

MRO Companies